Implant DentistryDental Implants: The Most Reliable Tooth Replacement Treatment

Dental implants have provided many options for patients who are missing one or multiple teeth. The progression of implant technology makes them one of the most trusted tooth-replacement methods available in modern dental care. Drs. Platt and Kidder partner with implant surgeons to provide implant restoration services and final implant prosthetics.

Implants can support:

  • Individual dental crowns
  • Multi-tooth dental bridges
  • Full-mouth fixed dentures or bridges

What Makes Implants So Successful?

All implants are made of titanium roots that are placed directly into the bone. This allows new bone formation to develop around the artificial root, making it even stronger than a natural tooth. In fact, they are so strong that as few as 4 implant roots can support a full-mouth implant denture. A dental implant can last for the rest of your life!

Enjoy the foods you want with the most secure tooth replacement method available!

The minimally invasive approach of dental implants makes them feel like they’re real teeth. There’s no need to cut down nearby teeth or to wear bulky, removable prosthetics. An implant will look like a natural tooth, and you care for it as if it were a real tooth. If you’ve struggled with wearing uncomfortable, removable prosthetics like partials or dentures, then dental implants will give you the chance to have a fixed, low profile treatment that will never get in the way of your lifestyle.

What is the Treatment Like?

We work with implant surgeons for the placement of our patients’ implants. Within a few months, full bone integration has usually occurred. At this point, the implant is ready for the definitive restoration. We can custom-design your crown, bridge, or denture to reflect the appearance that you want.

Have you had an implant restoration break? No problem! We can help. You may just need a new restoration, or even a new abutment. Whatever your needs are, we can put your mind at ease and get you smiling once again.